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Before The Earth Quakes

We”ve seen the images, heard the statistics and given what monetary donations we can. We”ve spent nights on our knees praying, days filled with thoughts, and minutes counting our blessings.

Haiti is full of ancient traditions, vibrant music, authentic food and genuine smiles. But when the Earthquake hit in January, the world”s spotlight shined down on Haiti and years of poverty became the blueprint for charity and compassion.

Haiti is a representation of many countries that are struggling to live on very little; countries who live on less than $1 a day.

CARE has been working in and with the Haitian community for over several years. CARE”s focus in Haiti ranges from HIV/AIDS, water sanitation, and child nutrition. As you can read on this website, their response to the recent disaster has been involved and prompt. CARE recently released article details about working to prevent sexual violence in the aftermath of the disaster, as the U.S. Congress introduces the International Violence Against Women Act.

Now is your chance to do something about those impoverished in Haiti, and those who, fortunately, haven”t experienced such unexpected, concentrated devastation. I am not asking for a donation. I am asking you to become a CARE advocate.

I am urging you to alert and educate your Senate and House Members about global poverty. I urge you to encourage them to take a stand for maternal health, girl”s education, gender-based violence, hunger and microfinance. I urge you to mobilize your community, friends, churches and schools against poverty. Again, you don”t need to give a donation to be an advocate or a whole lot of time – you just need a voice.

I ask you to get involved now by contacting CARE, attending the HALF THE SKY Live movie premiere in your hometown on March 4 or attending the CARE National Conference in Washington, DC on May 11 – 12.

It is unrealistic to think that we can solve everything, but it is more heartbreaking to realize that we didn't do all we could do.

Please considering joining me as part of the CARE Action Network; before the earth quakes again.

Thank you,

Deesha Dyer

CARE Pennsylvania State Chair

Posted by on Feb 5, 2010 4:36 PM America/New_York

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