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By René Celaya, country director CARE West Bank and Gaza Gaza City/Jerusalem, 18.08.2014: Last week, I visited CARE and our partners’ staff in Gaza. I believed the images available through the media had prepared me to see a lot of destruction and suffering. However, standing in front of a building that had been destroyed was still... more...
Posted by dfava on Notes From the Field Aug 18, 2014 11:31 AM EDT
It has already been six months since my last visit to Ali Ade camp in Djibouti where we held a three-day workshop for local religious leaders and other community members to raise their awareness about family planning. This workshop targeted men, women and adolescents and resulted in the formation of two family planning committees in the camp: one for... more...
Posted by shuang on Notes From the Field Aug 11, 2014 11:10 AM EDT

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