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A Nepali woman talks about how she got married at 12--how she made sure that her daughter did not have to. more...
Posted by on Notes From the Field Jul 18, 2014 9:54 AM EDT
A young girl in Burundi tells how her mother's marriage at 12 has affected her own life, and how she is determined to stay in school and not become a child bride. more...
Posted by on Notes From the Field Jul 17, 2014 11:38 AM EDT

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    There are some great names coming together in NYC this September in a concert to raise awareness and funds for global poverty. Anyone going? Who are you most excited to see? 
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    Faced with drinking dirty water or going thirsty, a child will always choose water. It shouldn’t be a life-threatening decision, but sadly, it often is.

    In the developing world, millions die each year from diseases caused by unsafe water and lack of access to sanitation and hygiene education. Congress has the chance to change this reality -- which is why CARE is asking our legislators to support the Water for the World Act.

    We can't wait for days or months to make sure ch...
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    A coworker shared this story from this morning about orphans of genocide forming their own families. It's beautiful to see love and family growing from such a terrible act. 

    >> The 23-year-old with 24 kids: Genocide orphans form their own families

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